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kotovalexarian The subjectively infinite trip through the universe of inexpressible heavy feelings fits in the single album. Favorite track: In Spite of You.
Corrèze the deads
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Corrèze the deads Une formidable chanteuse et un style entre cabaret, rock, et parfois pop. Un album riche et varié avec un tout petit bémol pour certains textes (histoire de goûts). Birdeatsbaby fait partie des valeurs sûres ! Favorite track: Part of Me.
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mark baltzer band who really should get a top music company record deal Favorite track: Bones of God.
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DavTay BUY THIS ALBUM! This is by far THE best album produced by Birdeatsbaby. All their previous work is good (very good), but Tanta Furia is the most complete. Technically, musically, lyrically, hands down it beats the rest. Their contemporaries can only dream of the sumptuous production skills of Forbes Coleman.
Dip into Birdeatsbaby's back catalogue and you will marvel at the way they have put their songs together, but if you only have the means to purchase one album of theirs, BUY THIS ALBUM! Favorite track: Elliot.
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I remember them telling me Something bad’s gonna happen We are alone in everything Especially in dying I’ve got a mark where your picture was You spun me out of the photograph And asked me how I bend the light I just see the negatives It’s taken me so long to see You never saw the best in me Now you’re gonna see me as I am In spite of you, in spite of you Losing sleep each time I wake You’ve left me nothing left to hate but you In spite of you Lock my love inside a cage And now I’m happy in this state for you See I remember the difference Between the doubt and significance I wasn’t born I just stumbled in Now I don’t believe in anything You set me up like a failure Before I’d even begun So I’d rather keep my addictions Than be a slave to anyone The prying eyes that never sleep Will watch you while you pray for me Now you’re gonna see what you have done And if I ever do succeed I hope that you will think of me And know that I have only just begun
Part of Me 03:05
I don’t know how you got in my head Turning all my visions to red But you did and I’m grateful for helping me see That even after all this time Your love is a part of me First you pulled me out of my grave Handed me the keys to my cage And I guess that I owe you for the air that I breathe But now you’re starting to choke me With the hands that used to feed Now your love is part of me Thought you’d be malicious and clean Calculated like a machine And I’m drawn to your nightmare While you pull on my chains I can’t deny that I have found the comfort in the pain I’ve got to get away from your arms Your suffocating violent charms You’re the colour of evil on the wings of a dove But even if I shoot you down I just can’t shake you off How did I get so sick from your embrace? Your mouth full of salt for all my cuts Now the last of me is leaving you But this part will never give up I’ve got to get away from your hate You only teach me how to degrade You’re waste, you’re a tyrant You’re a leech of my kindness You’re a cunt, and a bastard And it makes me so sad that You’re just imitating, You’re asphyxiating Your love is a part of myself that I’m hating
Scars 04:27
There’s a scar between us A thorn upon this rose My skin will only weaken The more I lose control She has the mark of genius So perfectly impure A harlequin from Venus Walking through my door Sorry love I’ve seen you in history books I’ve seen you in the quiet looks I’ve seen you in the firelight I see you when I close my eyes And when I see you between these lines I breathe your name back to life I see you suffer on your own I see you and I want to take you home She has the mark of sorrow She suffers in my skin My scars are hers to borrow I’d give her anything Sorry love I’ve seen you in tenderness I see you, my murderess I see you when the lightning strikes I see you when I close my eyes And when I see you, like a blinding light It’s when I need you, don’t give up this fight I see you as they throw their stones I see you and I want you for my own Well there’s a place for us dreamers You only have to choose to escape Their hands are never gonna reach us And I’m never gonna wake
I took a walk through the cracks of an alley Where I saw the whites of your eyes getting heavy It’s a sad little burden that you keep and you carry But you love to weep and you love to be sorry I was almost out when the guns had been loaded When you heard me shout that the war wasn’t over Do you have to doubt the power you own So you ran and you beg to the blood red throne Say to me, what you see You believed, the grass was green They have been, safe and clean It won’t mean they’ll save you High is the risk and the bets that you are placing Don’t you think that it’s time That you stopped all the shaking? I can see for days you’ve been jealous and sober Cos I made my bed with a drunk little soldier Well he sat me down, said to me: “I’m trying to decided how I want to spend eternity I’m saving all my sins up for a deathbed confession But I did not know, that your God was American” What did you think of the food from the table? Did you have to eat so that you could be able? To spit out your sins, be sanctified Now you call all you follow to lay down and die
Temple 03:51
I’m wicked like a stranger crawling over your bed Wicked like the criminal inside of your head I’m wicked like the sickness in a cold fever sweat Wicked like the taste of each and every regret I’m wicked like the preacher preying on innocence Fumblin’ his creeping fingers under your dress I’m wicked like the bodies hidden under cement If my body is a temple, desecrate me I don’t want nobody else I’ll be your tiger in a cage I’m going to keep you to myself I’m wicked like the serpent coming out of the tree Whisper in your ear until you wake up and bleed Wicked like the things I say but I don’t mean Wicked now I know the devil’s working in me So wicked that you’ll wake up screaming out my name Take away your purity and leave you with shame You know I’ll leave you when I’ve nothing to gain So baby, if my body is a temple, desecrate me
Elliot 03:44
He only tells me what I want to hear When we’re all strung out on the town He doesn’t give a shit about my hair He wants to pull it out There was a time when there was something there Now we just take it in turns Some people want to see the world from here And some people want to crash and burn Elliot, I know the world has trod you underfoot But there’s a chance we could do something good Elliot, I know that you are just misunderstood You know we’re Marian and Robin Hood, oh Elliot We get attention from the neighbours now cos he He likes to talk to himself And then one day he tore the house apart Sweeping all my things off the shelves I’m not concerned about the voice he hears I just make him stay in his room On days like that I hold him close to me and whisper: “I can hear that voice too” Elliot, you’re just the victim of your misspent youth But there’s a chance you could do something good Elliot, I try to love you like I know I should And then one morning I woke up in tears His body was a cold as a stone He took his medicine with too much gin Oh Elliot I should have known
Spit 03:14
You turn up here uninvited To give a piece of your mind But all these pieces are violent And you’re as cruel as you’re kind You see I hold all the cards now You want to force me to choose No matter how this hand plays out Darling, you’re just gonna lose Now I watch you walk away for the last time And I love you even though you are a liar My hands were reaching out But you spit on it, yeah you spit, spit, spit, spit I never thought you’d get sober And now I guess I was right You keep on playingthe victim But still there’s no one to fight You know I meant what I said yeah You know I’m not coming back My eyes are looking at midnight I watch you fade into black
Mary 04:55
Hail Mary full of grace The Lord has put you in your place Put you where no-one can reach No hands to touch or words to speak Have you had your fill of misery? For the light it falls so far from me But it’s my sin, there is no shame I close my eyes, I see the flames Hail Mary of the earth They promised you a virgin birth They take your name and they conspire To burn you with their holy fire But if you lead so many to believe Their death is not a mystery They’ll bring their arms and bring their guns For the Lord he speaks but not in tongues We’re fighting for the rest of us This sacrifice is not enough To justify our history Oh Mary, please come home to me Hail Mary in your arms The ashes of a fallen star You only have to break the spine For the Lord is good, and he is kind Have you had your fill of righteousness? For the light it falls so far from us If we can’t stop the acts of man To save ourselves then no-one can
Bones of God 04:07
When they found The bones of God They stitched our lips They paid us off The papers said It was fake So we hid the lies For the children’s sake How can I run from Your heavenly host? You’ve put all your trust In a holy ghost, so There’s no redemption For my crime I took my life Where they found The bones of God The grass was black The earth was rot My saviour lay In a tomb of rust My rock of ages Ground to dust How can I run from Your heavenly host? You’ve put all your trust In a holy ghost, so There’s no redemption For your crime You better take your life
Tanta Furia 04:12
Been coming up for a long, long time When am I gonna fall? I left my body behind as I climb To the centre of it all Levitate from my state Fill you up with my hate Throw the dust in the sky Looking up with open eyes Holding time in your hands An hourglass of sinking sand Holy night, what the fuck Is stopping me from waking up? I’m looking down at the ground As I’m bound to the angel of my hurt I see his halo is burning I’m turning the pages of the earth Animal that you are Feral love give me scars Cut the cord from your life Visions of a serpentine Holding trust in your lips Secrets of a Judas kiss Turn your cheek for a friend I never want this moment to end She’s got the power of words How I herd my fury to her shrine I know she’s lifting the curse As we worship for reasons undefined Bite my lip, not my type Visions of a sacrifice Say the name in blood Drink it down and raise it up Bitterness overripe Hanging from, tree of life Let me go to despair TANTA FURIA
Eulogy 05:25
Now I just see no colour of sunrise in your eyes Disfigured and pure like the demise of Lucifer I was cold when you found me outside the wake With the grief on my tongue like a glass snowflake Forgot my excitement watching this clock Now I walk in the fields of my paradise lost How we fall so far from grace I used to dream of escaping here I would pack all my bags and make big plans to disappear But now that I’m grown I just sink like a stone Through the comfort of gravity Now I’ll drink off this bottle as it drains off of me If my heart is the thunder my tears are the sea That will drag me right under Ten thouseand feet to this wasteland of silence How we fall so far from grace And I say... God don’t be kind to me Take back your liberty Hang my freedom from this precipice Just in front of me Take back your Midas touch Lord, it won’t matter much If you cast me out I’ll just crawl away It’s my prophecy I used to dream of coming clean Now I just keep my secrets safe under lock and key A blanket of ash I am buried beneath broken mirrors Incomplete I’m a little boy soldier still learning to fight As the war passes over this unholy night Paint the blood on my doorway and pray I survive But don’t tell me not to worship At this church of loneliness


Vocals, Piano & Accordion: Mishkin Fitzgerald
Violin, Cello, & BVs: Hana Maria
Bass, Guitars, & BVs: Garry Mitchell
Drums, Programming, Synths, & BVs: Forbes Coleman
Double Bass: Alfie Weedon
Gospel Choir “The Dulcetones”: Sarah Gardner, Catherine Anderson,
Thomas Pook, Amanda Wood, Debbie Bartelds, Debra Lloyd,
Anna Burfield, Hannah Tucker, Rose Allett, Nikki Thwaites,
Peach Reynolds, Juliet Walters, Julie Aldous, Leah Carr,
Sally Kent, Laura Heap, Catherine Arnold, Tessa McThredder,
Raquel Melo & Helen Brockelbank. Special thanks to Simon “bongos” Field,
Polly “good girl” Harvey and Dara “Drownsie” Fitzgerald for the bantz.
Special thanks to Catherine & Truly Wellock for lending us your piano
Cover art by Jack Flamel and back cover by polstarphotography.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Louise Micklewright & Spencer Carey.


released November 7, 2016

Recorded & Mixed by Forbes Coleman
Produced by Forbes Coleman & Mishkin Fitzgerald at
Audiobeach Studios, Brighton & Hove
Mastered by Phil Joannides at Push The Frequency
All songs written by Birdeatsbaby.
Lyrics by Mishkin Fitzgerald except for “Scars”, “Temple”
written by Mishkin Fitzgerald & Hana Maria.
“Spit” lyrics written by Mishkin Fitzgerald & Garry Mitchell.


all rights reserved



Birdeatsbaby Brighton

Dark and orchestral Rock band from Brighton, UK. "Birdeatsbaby celebrate the strange and obsessive, the freakish and the free-thinking" - The Quietus


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